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Alaska State Flags

The state flag of Alaska contains eight gold stars, which form the Big Dipper and the North Star, on a blue field. The Big Dipper symbolizes a bear, which also represents strength. The stars can be used as a guide to locate Polaris to determine true north. The North Star is also to signify the state of Alaska, the most northern state in the union. 

Thirty years before Alaska become a state, the Alaskan American Legion sponsored a contest for Alaskan school-aged children. Benny Benson, 13, won the contest in 1927. Benny was a resident of the Jesse Lee Home for Children. Alaskans had only the U.S. flag to fly until 1927. Benny's design was chosen over 700 other ideas from children in the area in grades 7–12. Benny Benson was awarded $1,000 and he was also given an engraved watch.
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