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Arizona State Flags

The history of the Arizona state flag starts with the original design done by Colonel Charles W. Harris and sewn by Nan D. Hayden. In 1911, Colonel Harris and his rifle team marched proudly into place holding their 6 x 4 feet flag. When Colonel Harris changed his position to Adjutant General of Arizona in 1912, it became the official Arizona state flag.

The history of the Arizona state flag is embodied by four different patterns. As a whole, the flag is a sunrise. The blue bottom is the horizon while the star is the sun brightly shining its ray of lights. The star is copper colors which symbolizes that Arizona is the largest copper producing state in the union. There are thirteen red and yellow “rays.” Each of these represents the original thirteen colonies. The red and blue shades that the flag uses are the same shades on the United States’ flag.

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